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Animal health genomics: new solutions for animal & human health

Animal health genomics can play an important role to prevent and control animal diseases, and must be part of future animal and human health strategies. 

Animal health genomics is an integrated approach that intelligently combines breeding and genomics technologies with animal health. The EADGENE and EADGENE_S networks worked from 2004-2010 & 2010-2013 to find new solutions for animal diseases through breeding and genomics. Such integrated approaches are more needed in the future to secure animal and human health in Europe and the world.

Improving animal health will remain an important issue for ensuring a sustainable livestock sector in Europe. Integrated and innovative approaches are needed to realise improved animal health. Cooperation between scientists, policy-makers and industry is necessary to share knowledge and put animal health high on the policy agenda.

This site offers information on the results of the European research project EADGENE as well as on its successor EADGENE_S. It provides more information on the successfull examples of fighting animal diseases through breeding and genomics, and the power of industry and science working together.

Both projects, EADGENE & EADGENE_S, has come to an end. Partners of the project will continue to work together to find solutions for other diseases. For more information you can contact the EADGENE coördinator: Marie-Helene Pinard-Van der Laan.

Successful examples of animal health genomics


IPN in salmon               PRRS in pigs                Coccidiosis in chicken


Ethics in animal             Seminar 'Healthy livestock 

genomics Research             and people'





Juan Lubroth of the FAO and Bill Stanley of Aviagen Group will also speak at the seminar ‘Healthy Livestock and People’ at May 14 in Brussels. This seminar is co-organised by the Animal Task Force and EADGENE_S. Registration for the event is still open.

The seminar will discuss the integrated approaches that are needed to secure animal health in Europe. We are happy to announce that Juan Lubroth of the FAO will add to this discussion a global perspective. Lubroth is the FAO’s Chief Veterinary Officer. He will speak to us about the risks and opportunities of global animal health for Europe.

From the industry perspective, Bill Stanley, Veterinary Health Director of the Aviagen Group, will address how animal health issues are dealt with within industry, and how they work together with research to improve animal health issues. Altogether, the seminar will provide a floor for a lively discussion between industry, policy-makers and researchers on the way forward to secure animal health in Europe.

Click here for registration and more information.



Workshop "Principles of Genomic Selection" confirmed!

From 22nd till 24th of April this workshop will be held in Dummerstorf, Germany.

Click here for all workshops and more information.



The deadline for applications for a Short-Term Stay grant - 5th call - has expired!

EADGENE_S supports stays of up to six weeks in a lab of an EADGENE_S Partner institute or industrial member of the EADGENE Club of Interest.

If you are interested in a Short-Term Stay, please regularly check this website to be informed when the 6th call opens!


 The EADGENE Project:

Origin and goal

EADGENE was originally a Network of Excellence, funded by the EC, and EADGENE's Partners now continue to work together as a European Research Group (ERG).
EADGENE aims to coordinate a genomics approach to the unravelling of the host-pathogen interactions in domestic livestock.  Thus, EADGENE aims to provide the basic knowledge necessary for the development of new or improved therapeutics and vaccines, improved diagnostics and the breeding of farm animals for disease resistance. By concentrating on pathogens of importance in the food chain, this research will impact upon human health and lifestyle choices. The outcomes of this work will help ensure that Europe retains its status as a world leader in animal health for years to come.


EADGENE's Research, Integration, Spreading of Excellence and Management activities bring together sufficient expertise and resources from research institutes throughout Europe to make a real difference to animal and human health.

Final Brochure: EADGENE Succes Stories

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EADGENE is a Network of Excellence supported by funding under the 6th Research Framework Programme of the European Union European Commission. EU Contract No. FOOD-CT-2004-506416. This website represents the views of the Authors, not the European Commission. The Commission is not liable for any use that may be made of the information.


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